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Snapshot of the Auto Enrolment Landscape

By Andrew Staveley | 28 December 2017

SUMMARY: Andrew Staveley, Senior Consultant at Tenet Employee Benefit Solutions, gives us a picture of what the auto enrolment landscape looks like, as we head towards the end of the staging timetable in early 2018.

As we near the end of the auto enrolment staging date timetable, let’s look at a quick snapshot of the AE landscape.

By 2018, nearly 10 million workers will have been enrolled and 500,000 workers re-enrolled by 25,000 employers. The opt-out rates remain well below those estimated at the beginning of it all: so far, so good.

But it's not a time to be complacent - the increase in contributions will take place in April, with the potential that some workers will leave. So, as advisers, it's important to handle this correctly.

At the beginning of auto enrolment, there was a degree of scepticism on just how well the industry would be policed by The Pensions Regulator (TPR), but the statistics speak for themselves!

By end of June 2017 there were:

  • 335 information notices;
  • 564 statutory inspection notices;
  • 49,123 compliance notices;
  • 2,234 unpaid contribution notices;
  • 19,300 fixed penalty notices;
  • 3,899 escalating penalty notices largest of which is in the order of £52,000.

TPR is also publishing details of employers that pay their escalating penalty fines, but continue to be non-compliant. It has also undertaken a number of spot checks, mainly in the large conurbations, but it is now widening its net.

They use the carrot in addition to the stick however, and as well as monitoring compliance, they are using the checks to help it understand the challenges employers face and working out which of those are unnecessary, then taking steps to remove them. So, if you are an adviser and your client tells you they have a visit, or you deal with an employer that has a notice, then this is a good opportunity to give your views.

If you need support with any aspect of auto enrolment, then Tenet Employee Benefits Solutions provides expert financial advice and comprehensive, compliant solutions to take the pain out of meeting auto enrolment workplace pension duties. So, whether you are an employer due to go through the auto enrolment process, or you are a financial adviser or accountancy firm who needs help providing clients with auto enrolment expertise, get in touch on 0113 239 5325 or email

By Andrew Staveley, Senior Consultant at Tenet Employee Benefit Solutions