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What does the SMCR mean for directly authorised firms?

By Gillian Weatherill | 25 March 2019

SUMMARY: The SMCR will come into force for directly authorised advisory firms on 9th December 2019, but what does this actually mean for firms? Gillian Weatherill, Tenet's Head of Risk & Policy, outlines some key areas that firms will need to consider in her first blog for Tenet.

Looking at the Mortgage Market Study

By Simon Broadley | 22 February 2019

SUMMARY: TenetLime Managing Director and AMI Board member, Simon Broadley, shares his thoughts on the most significant changes that the FCA’s Mortgage Market Study could bring for brokers.

Five things you need to know about the Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD)

By Simon Thomas | 21 August 2018

The IDD comes into effect from 1st October 2018 and applies to all businesses involved in the insurance supply chain, which includes intermediary firms, product manufacturers and online distribution. In this blog, our Head of Policy, Simon Thomas, outlines five key changes that advisory firms need to be aware of.

Finding your balance with social media

By Philip Hurst | 03 April 2018

Tenet's Philip Hurst (Compliance Helpdesk Officer), shares some tips for getting the most out of social media, whilst remaining within the compliance regulations.

Marketing under the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

By Simon Thomas | 22 March 2018

Tenet's Head of Policy, Simon Thomas, shares some examples of the way in which marketing practices will need to change under the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation.

Snapshot of the Auto Enrolment Landscape

By Andrew Staveley | 28 Dec 2017

Andrew Staveley, Senior Consultant at Tenet Employee Benefit Solutions, gives us a picture of what the auto enrolment landscape looks like, as we head towards the end of the staging timetable in early 2018.

The suitability of platforms in financial advice - four factors to consider

By Ben Wright | 05 Dec 2017

Tenet's Business Development Director, Ben Wright, suggests four key factors that advisers should consider when assessing if a platform is the most suitable solution for a client.

DB Transfers and the importance of managing customers' expectations

By Simon Thomas | 04 Sept 2017

Tenet's Head of Policy, Simon Thomas, looks at what can advisers do to mitigate risk and manage customer expectations in the DB Transfer arena.

Don't let the new capital adequacy rules catch you out

By Martin Greenwood | 10 July 2017

Tenet Chief Executive, Martin Greenwood, warns directly authorised advice firms to take a second look at the new capital adequacy requirements, amid concerns many may have been misled by the £20,000 headline figure.

Use your website like a shop window

By Philip Hurst | 19 April 2017

Make your website work for you: Part of Philip Hurst's role as a Compliance Helpdesk Officer is ensuring adviser websites are compliant. Here he gives a few expert tips on how to make yours as effective as possible.

Lenders finally recognising the value of proc fees

By Gemma Harle | 02 March 2017

In the wake of Santander, Barclays and Nationwide recently confirming they will be paying retention procuration fees, TenetLime managing director, Gemma Harle, underlines their value in the intermediary sector.

How can DA firms get the right PII cover?

By Julian Brincat | 31 January 2017

Following the FCA's recent statement that PII is often not correctly serving our sector, our guest blogger is Julian Brincat, Head of IFA Practice at Protean Risk. Here he looks at how DA firms can obtain the right cover at the right price.

Negotiating the minefield that is PII

By Caroline Bradley | 20 October 2016

Against the backdrop of a hardening market and the increasingly predatory interest of claims management companies, group finance director, Caroline Bradley, provides an insightful overview into professional indemnity insurance (PII).

Auto Enrolment: Small firms generally aware, but under-resourced?

By Mike O'Brien | 06 September 2017

With an estimated 1.3m SMEs now at their staging date and The Pensions Regulator not hesitating to use their formal powers to fine those who don't comply, group brands director, Mike O’Brien, takes a look at the current state of the auto-enrolment market.

Keep calm and carry on!

By Gill Davidson | 18 July 2016

SUMMARY: Amid the mass of Brexit related stories, Group Regulatory Director, Gill Davidson, offers some practical advice on three areas for advisers to consider in the current climate.

Time to embrace the digital revolution?

By Gemma Harle | 16 June 2016

With the rise of 'robo-advice' and the new wave of digital solutions, many consumers who were previously dismissed as unprofitable may be able to access the advice they need.

What to expect from the FCA's review on suitability

By Ron Skinner | 18 May 2016

In these early stages, what do advisers need to know about the FCA's thematic review of suitability and is there any action that firms should be taking? Ron Skinner, Team Manager at TenetSelect, updates us in his latest blog.

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