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Paymentshield's Remortgage Proposition

By Brian Coulton | 22 May 2020

SUMMARY: Brian Coulton, National Account Manager for Paymentshield, looks at the remortgage opportunity that has arisen during the current COVID-19 crisis and some tools that you can use to help navigate your GI conversation in his latest blog.

In uncertain times like these, it’s the perfect time to reach out to your clients and search for opportunities to help them. 

Product transfer and remortgage clients provide one such opportunity to check if they have the right insurance for their needs.

Paymentshield have re-launched two useful remortgage/product transfer materials for you to use to help support your conversations with these customers.


A new detailed webinar focuses on the value of GI and how it can provide you with a steady and regular income. This is more important now than ever as the current COVID-19 climate has shown how having a recurring income that you can rely on when the normal workload slows down.

It takes a look at Netflix, their business model and how you can make their approach work for you. It shows you the commission you could make if you quoted a certain number of policies a year and how each year the annual renewals and new policies add up.

Paymentshield’s webinar also covers the tools that you can use to help fuel your GI conversations and get the ball rolling, from the Defaqto compare tool, which can be used to show the benefits of one of their policies against the benefits of your clients current one, to the Premium Flex commission calculator which can be used on those more price sensitive clients.


They’ve also created a comprehensive 7-step eBook which you can follow to help guide your GI conversations.

  1. Offer them a fully protected home
    Make sure that your client knows that a meeting with you can offer them not only a remortgage but also a host of other options to help fully protect themselves.
  2. Know what you are up against
    Before your first meeting with you client, ask them to provide you with details of their current home insurance policy.
  3. Know your customers
    By knowing more about your client and their family you can check that the policy will be fit for purpose.
  4. Sell yourself
    Although we all may be guilty of going online to compare the best deals, nothing compares to a chat with someone who really knows what they are talking about.
  5. Sell the benefits
    Before you even mention price make sure you have covered all the extra benefits of the policy and the service provided.
  6. Give them a choice
    Beat the comparison sites by providing a choice of quotes using your client’s details before your meeting with them.
  7. Make the most of the tools available to you
    Premium Flex is a great way to appeal to your more price sensitive clients. You can also find a host of useful content on the Paymentshield Adviser website.

Download the full eBook from the Marketing Toolkit HERE.

For Professional Adviser Use Only.

By Brian Coulton

Brian Coulton is National Account Manager for Paymentshield